Glen of Imaal E-mail list photo contest .....#1... March 1998

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    M.Parry's Annie           S.Blum's  Bailey           Rudolph/Putnam's Buckley

.. toto/dogs/10.jpg

    P.Carty's Tate          K.Fisher-Britton's Maggie    H.Best's Yeats


      Bailey                     D.Klauber's Digger      Kenealy/Hurd's Mack.

       M.Parry's Sadie      M.Anthony's Emma               Buckley

 M.Brytowski's Kelsy     Kenealy/Hurd's Clancy       Emma

   P.Young's Pups     P.Young's Tommy & Casey    J.Hilbert-Davis' Corkie

     Digger                    J.Hilbert-Davis' Nellie        H.Best's Neyland

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